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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yeah...its late

Hi all...Its Kurtie here. It is really late and I have been setting up Beckys new laptop all night. Well I just enabled the built in webcam and Becky and I started playing around with it. Lucky for us....the camera was rolling. (I gotta have more cow bell) G'night all. I just reloaded WoW time to go Questing!!! Woot Sauce!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fast Asleep

One night, after we had come home late from a Blaze game, the sitter had said that the kids were fast asleep. So Kurt and I watched a movie downstairs. Unknowingly to us, Lizzy had gotten out of her bed and cuddled up with her brother. We found them fast asleep.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RANT: The joys of motherhood

Let me just explain to you all the last week or so I have been having.

It all started with the time consuming task of putting in hardwood floors in our front room. THis in turn needed to be finished in time for our carpet to arrive (which the place has yet to notify us of its arrival). A long with this, we need to finish all the finishing work in our house before the carpet gets here and paint the main rooms of the house.

So, already stressed, we set up a game plan. Each thing had its order, time, and place. That is, until children and the joy of adversities came into the equation. It all started with my computer, well really, my life crashing. The power supply to my computer crashed thus deleting all of my memories, my videos of my kids, work, 8 years of memories down the binary toilet.

This was somewhat eased by the good news. Over the last few months I had thought I may have a condition called ALS (Lou Gerig's Disease). It turns out that I do not. Aw sigh of releif, and I do mean sigh as that is all the time I had before the next thing.

The wood floors. Aside from the children "wanting to help" or rather making things worse, the floors got done just in time for THE CAR TO STOP WORKING! Yup, you heard it. My gifted touch of my hand making electronic devices stop working for no reason or crashing beyond compare did it again. (if you know me...this is not the first time my "gift" has blessed our life or my parent's).

So the task now came that we needed to figure out what was wrong, fix it, and get things back to normal before Carter had to be taken to school the next day. So we came to the conclusion that my adorable, yet everso stressing, children had done it again. They must have played in my car, left the light on, and made the battery die. In turn, trying to charge the battery set the alarm off in the car causing the neigborhood to hear the sweet sounds of a siren on cocaine at 10'o clock at night. Therefore, we diconnected the alarm. We charged the battery...and...nothing happened. Oh crap, I thought, not another $800 to fix this POS car. So my brother came to the rescue. He checked it all. Nothing seemed to work...until my brainy husbnad thought, maybe I should reconnect the alarm system. AWEHHHH(angelic singing)! It started right up.

So we come to today. Things seem to be calming down. Life seems to be going back to normal, that is if you call normal Lizzy pooping all over the family room floor, again, normal. Will potty training ever get easier? Oh the joys of motherhood.

Lizzy's Story

Lizzy is an almost 3 year old. She loves her brother more than anything, well not more than her mom. She is funny, sweet, and always in mischeif. We think she will be just as smart as her big brother and just as creative. If there was the perfect girl, she is it!

Carter's Story

Carter is an almost 6 year old boy. He is in Kindergarten right now and is a very big boy. He loves science, rockets, history, and inventing things. Most of all he is the funniest kid ever!

He is such a smart boy. He has accelerated his reading in his class and has even won awards. But most of all, he is creative. He likes to make videos. Here is one he made up at our cabin last year.

We love him and we will update this site with all his crazy videos and pictures.

Becky's Story

Anyway, I was born in Boutniful Utah. I grew up in Woods Cross and went to High school. I was involved in so many things. I met Kurt in Madrigals my Junior year. Good memories. I was involved in the high school plays, even had many leads throughout high school. I was also part of the Student Body officers. I was the artist and enjoyed expressing my talents that way. Kurt graduated and went on a mission just before I graduated and those memories kept him alive in me for 2 years along with some good friends to help me through it.
When he got home we married right away, why wait when you know he's the one right. We moved to Salt Lake City. We had a rocky beginning with me in school for architecture/interior design and he managing the Su Casa downtown. He then went to managing the Chevy's downtown. I became a receptionist for Mansell and Associates and we moved back to Bountiful. I later became the Marketing Director for that office and then I found out I was pregnant with our first child. Kurt and I decided that the best hting for our fmaily was for him to get out of the restaraunt business. I quit my job and we moved into a home in Woods Cross. We were heavily involved in the politics, ward, and family neighborhood in that area. When we had our second child we decided it was time to move on and get a bigger home. It was very difficult for us to leave such a tightknit community. But here we are.
We now live in Layton in a home big enough to grow our family. Only two kids for now, we will eventually have more. I love the neighborhood now. I love having kids.

I currently am a medical transcriptionist for an orthopaedic group in Bountiful. I like it, but cant wait til we dont have to rely on it anymore.

My biggest fettish right now is Jane Austen movies and the band Bravery. I also love any kind of music from alternative to calssical to choir to techno. I love is all (except country and rap). I love art and I love to draw. I dont get much time with kids to explore drawing and painting often. But every now and then I squeeze it in.
I cant wait to share our family on this site with those who will read this.

Kurt's Story

Kurt was born in Bountiful Utah. He lived there his whole life. He went to Woods Cross Highschool where he met Becky. They sang in the madrigals together. They started dating and fate went on from there.

He went on a mission to Roseville, Ca.

When he returned he married Becky in 1999 in the Salt Lake Temple.

He works as the AR manager for NAC. He loves it. He will finish his BA in 2 more years. We are almost there!

He loves his kids, his wife, and football. Especially anything Green Bay or U of U. He is a High School Football Official durring the summer/fall and he is working on getting on a collegiate officiating crew in the next couple of years. Oh and he is Fat because right now his workouts consist of doing guitar hero aerobics, rock out with your sock out buddy!