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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Party time...

She woke happy as ever.

Family party. Always fun to have everyone over!

We asked Lizzy, "Where do you want to go on your birthday?" she said "Applebees!" So here we are.

Lizzy hugging Carter for her present he gave her.

ITS DONE!...well most of it

Finally our kitchen is to a good place. All thats left is new lighting, some paint on the walls, and countertops!

I wanted to share.

This was the kitchen when we moved in

And this is our kitchen now

Yahoo. Yeah for us!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Our sweet little monster is 3 years old today. Elizabeth Hannah was born on July 29th around 9 o clock. She was 6bls 2 oz when we brought her home. She has been such a spark of happiness in our life eversince and I really have no idea what life was without her in it. She is my little princess! She is caring, kind, funny, silly, happy, creative, and beautiful. She is everything a little girl shoudl be with a pinch of boyishness to her. We love her dearly!

Happy birthday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4th of July

Ok I know its late, but here it is

We spent the 4th with our amazingly awesome friends Scott and Brooke and their kids.

It was nice not having ot fight th crowds at a park for the big fireworks.


Vacation to IP

Well, we are finally home from our family was it fun! We started off late on Friday after Carter's graduation. We got there around 9 oclock at night. It was so nice up there. it was in the mid-60s to low 70s sometimes it was in the high 70s but rarely.

Kurts family was up in and out over the 10 days we were there. The first weekend we floated the Big Springs river and saw lots of Osprey (like eagles). We then shopped in West Yellowstone and then went intot he park. We saw Old Faithful and some geysers along the way. We saw many buffalo and elk...but no bears. Ive been to Yellowstone every year for 29 years and I have only seen 3 bears. I WANT TO SEE A BEAR!

We then lazied about for a few days then went and saw Mesa Falls. Gorgeous. Carter was our commentator as he is an expert in all things IP and Yellowstone, thanks to a video we got him last year and my Dad. We had a moose visit us at the cabin and Fred (the squirrel) ate many peanuts.

We then floated the Box Canyon river. Saw more Osprey, a beaver, and had a blast exploring somthing new. I, being terrified of all things rapid or deep water, was in tears trying to build up the courage to go on that river, but we did it and even the kids enjoyed it. In fact, Lizzy fell asleep while we were on it.

We then went back into Yellowstone, saw upper and lower bears. We floated the Big Springs river again and then went back into Yellowstone. We saw alot more buffalo, some elk, wolves, coyotes (sp?), and came 15 minutes too late to see a family of bears. POOP! But thats what you get.

All in all we had tons of fun but are sooo glad to be home. Kurt and Jazo caught like 20 fish and we saw two moose, osprey, and lots of other animals.

I will post videos as soon as I can sort them all out (Carter made like 100!)

The Memory Game

Memory Game....
A bunch of my friends have done this and I thought it was cute!

So here we go.

1. Add a comment of a memory you have of the two of us together. It doesn't matter if you know me very well or just a little, it can be anything. It can be a recent memory or from way back. Once you leave a comment I will assume you are playing too.

2. Add these instructions to you own post and wait for the memories to start rolling in.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

VACATION COMMENTS-View Below at end of posts_


BEWARE these are AS IS
#1 post a picture of your sink as it looks this very minute.

#2 post a picture of your toilet. (you never said which one so I picked the cleanest)

#3 post a picture of your laundry room.

#4 post a picture of the inside of your fridge. (umm forgot, but I promise its not that exciting especially since its almost gorcery time)
#5 Post a picture of your husband/kids and what they are doing right now. ( Dinner time, as usual when it is Kurts time to do dinner its sandwiches and chips!)

#6 Show us your favorite shoes.

#7 Show us you favorite room in your house. (Mine is the living room. It is virtually unscarred by children. I love to read in here. I took many pictures becasue I just LOVE it)

#8 Show us a picture of your closet. (arent clothes and shoes fun!)

#9 What is my dream vacation. Honestly, anywhere away from the kids with Kurt. But not too long, becasue then I would miss them.

#10 Self portrait as you look right now. ( really had to go there.)

I tag Lys, Amy, Joy, Kim, Kristina, Rachelle, Mary, Melissa, Bevany, Quinn, Shelly, and Steph

Pamper time...

So after 3 years, I finally went to a salon and got a hair cut, style, and color. Let me tell you, I love it. I cant beleive I waited this long. Let me all know what you think if you see me.

Carter lost his first tooth!

So Im a little behind. 2 weeks ago Carter lose his fisrt tooth. (video and pictures to come)

Yeah Carter, now if we can get you to brush the ones you have!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Congrats to Ryan!!

My brother-in-law just was nominated for the Repuclican representative of his district. He beat out a 4 term incumbent! CONGRATS!!

GOOD LUCK with the election!!

Carter Graduated from Kindergarden!!

My how time flys! I have a 1st grader in my house now!!! I cant be that old. As silly as it is, I cried a little during his little muscial show...I sure love my little man. We are so proud that he was top in his class this year. Cant wait to see what he does next!