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Friday, December 11, 2009

Playing catch-up

So the last post I posted was several weeks ago for Oliver's baby announcement. Since then I have found rarely any time for myself. So there is plenty to catchup on. First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
I love this season. it always reminds me of where I really should be and what I really should be thinking about, which in my case, I need reminding of a lot.

Aside from the obvious business of a new baby, I have had my share of surgery for a lifetime. In October I had emergency gallbladder removal. And I tell you, having a new born only 4 weeks old and having to go through that 3 days of not being there for the little guy was really hard. Not to mention how much pain I was in anyway. But we got it all figured out and I am doing much better. Then, I went in for colonoscopy since my mom had colon cancer at the age of 40. So we decided since my deductible was already met, we would get that dome as well.

During the month of October, we had a huge deal on Halloween, as usual. This year we built a cave and had Kurt hide inside. He and his brother scared the pants off many kids.

Then in November, Kurt and I celebrated our 10th year anniversary. We went to La Caille restraint and then to the Symphony. It was very romantic. and I have to say I love him more than I ever have.! I also had the opportunity to go see New Moon, one of my favorites, yes Im one of those Twilight Moms and love it. Had a blast at the 3am showing with family and friends.
and have seen it since about 7 times( I know Im retarded, BUT I LOVE IT)

Also in November, we had the Reflections contest. Carter won first place for his video.

Oliver was blessed on December 6th, 2009 by his daddy. It was a fun event! We had lots of family come and he was so fat, he barely fit into his blessing out fit. he is

Oliver is getting so big. I am still amazed that at 3 months he is 16.5 lbs. such a chubbers. We love him and knew our family was missing something until he came along.

Hopefully I wont take as long to update my blog!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Baby Announcement

Lizzy being a big sister

Lizzy love to hold Ollie. She even tried tries to feed him sometimes. She is a good big sister.

Carter lost his two front teeth...just in time for Christmas!

Before tooth #1

After tooth #1

He is so stinking cute!! I love this Kid!! He is so brave. He lost the first tooth, then got school pictures, figures, then he lost the second. He look so cute. Im sure his new teeth will come in though and he will look like a rabbit with his big teeth, just like his mommy!

After tooth #2

Baby Oliver...2 weeks old Photo Shoot

These are absolutely adorable. Sandrine took these at her home. If you want pics CALL HER. She is amazing!!

This was a lot of fun and really I couldnt decide on which ones I liked more. Enjoy our sweet little man.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Why do they always come at night....

So Monday the 14th of September, I went to my doctor's appt. as usual. According to him, my due date was Oct. 1st. So he checked me and I was 3cm and 50% effaced. He said that I was to make an appointment for the following Monday, but I probably wouldn't make it. He was right, all day after that, I was having contractios 10min apart. That night about at 1am, they went to 5 min apart, then 3 min apart and then I woke Kurt up and said, "Its time"

We called my mom and she came up as soon as she could. We packed light and headed to the hospital. We are only 5 minutes awaya so I was not worried I was leaving something important at home because Kurt could always go back and get it later.

We arrived at the hospital around 4 am (which coincidently is the same time we came to the hospital for Lizzy). They checked us in and I walked up to the Labor and Delivery (shouldve taken that wheelchair like they offered). They got me all set up and the nurse, after checking me all in, says "We might send you home since you are 37 1/2 weeks and only 3cm." I was like WHA!! HUH!! I am truly in active labor here. It was painful, it was consistent, it was real. She said I might just be dehydrated. I was about to cry!! This baby was coming tonight and they wanted to send me home. So she called my doc and he said "Im coming in to break her water" YAHOO!! 100 pts to my doctor!!

He got ther about 45min later and I was 5cm and 90% effaced. There was no stopping the baby now!! He broke my water and 30 mintes after that, I was 7cm. He said I better get the epidural.

So the epidural man came, bless them!! And I got the shot. Then everything slowed down....After the initial blood pressure drop, throwing up, and nearly passing out, I took a nap. about 1 hour later, they gave me some Pitocin, Kurt left to get breakfast. and we all know what happens when a hubby leaves...the baby comes.

So they were just about to page him over the hospital com and my doc was about to go down to the cafeteria to find him when...he showed back up. Nice one Kurt!!

So he was delivered in roughly in 10 minutes, born at 9:32am September 15th, 2009. No problems, no complications. He was perfect.

It was nice to get those two days at the hospital, but nothing compares to coming home and being a family.

Bee's Game on Labor Day!

Well Labor Day was not far off from my labor day (yuk yuk yuk) but it was fun to go see the game.

The kids had a blast. We were right behind home plate. It was nice to get away and do something before our lives got turned upside down.

Last hoorah!!

So as a last minute vacation, we decided to go up to Park City with our good friends the Johnson's. The first night we left the kids behind and had a relaxing and enjoyable time. The next night we went and got the kids and although it wasn't so quiet anymore, it was fun. We had a hot tub in the suite and that made things even more fun. Kurt and Scott also had a blast with the kids at the pool.

First Days of school...

So I know its been nearly a month and a half since they started school. but cut me some slack, I was pregnant and then I had a here is catch up!

Carter was so excited to start 2nd grade...I cant believe I have a 2nd grader, I remember 2nd grade!! We love him so much and he is doing so well!!

Lizzy started Joy School. Its a school that a bunch of the neighborhood girls got together to help our kids have some fun with learning and playtime with others. I did it last year and it was so nice to have that time and she learned a lot too. Love you Lizzy!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My belly...

As much as I HATE showing my preggy belly I had to show it off for nostalgic reasons. So here it is when I was 34 weeks along. Now Im almost 36 and the days are not going fast enough.