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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lizzy's Sprained Ankle

Poor Lizzy!! She hurt her ankle playing with the boys on the playset. It was so hard watching her wobble around the yard. She was so good with keeping ice and an ace on it!! Luckily it was nothing more than a sprain and by the next day she was back to herself again.

The Infamous Playset

This monster was a gift from Mom and Dad to Carter and Lizzy. It was quite the undertaking, but Kurt managed to do it all by himself in 2 days. Well, I watched and gave friendly criticism like "Shouldn't you be following the directions". It turned out perfect though!
The kids love it!!

Mustache May

Mustache May was something that Kurt and his buddy Scott came up with to bother women for the entire month of May!! Well, it wasnt too bad I guess. Here are pics of Kurt's final stache before he shaved it off.

Kurt's Motorcycle

So for the past year, Kurt has been rebuliding a motorcycle. He is finally done. Well 95% done. He has replaced parts, lights, mirrors, seats, he did body work on the fenders and painted them. This is "his baby".

Carter's 7th Birthday Parties


So this year I decided to not have a party with friends for Carter. Kurt was against it so I told him he can do it all. I think he may have changed his mind halfway through!! It was lots of fun and crazy!! But everyone had fun! They had pizza, played games, and somehow..even though it was not a water party, they got wet!

The next day we had family over for a family party. Boy is he spoiled!! Grandma and gradpa got him a new playset. Those big wooden ones!! It was a really nice and shocking suprise to Carter and us!! (mostly because we had to put it together!!!)

Moving Day for Carter's Best Friend

We got some really cute photos of the boys on the day Brayden moved. Thank goodness we still get them together or Carter and his video game obsession would drive me nuts~!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ITS A........BOY!!!

So finally we know! I am so happy either way (of course who is gonna say...Im disappointing in what Im But really, I didnt care. And a boy is exaclty what Lizzy and Kurt wanted.

The kids had fun at the ultrasound...for about 2 seconds. Then they were bored. I always find it so fascinating the ultrasound experience! He kept grabbing his toes. Its so cool to see.

Well here are the first photos of our little man. Isn't he cute?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

T-Ball 2009

(Carter is at bat)

Carter started his first game Monday and surprisingly, he is better than he was last year (which isnt much) we love his effort though!!

To our surprise, his best bud Brayden was on teh other team so every time they got to each others base they would wave and talk and we would have to yell at him to pay attention to teh game. it was funny!

He looks like he has fun though and thats all that matters.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

So aside from all the normal activities, we had two grandmas houses to get to. The first one Lizzy ate fruit bowl after fruit bowl after fruit bowl, well you get the idea. She was stuffed.

Then we got to my Mom's for dinner and well, she ate some more...finally she turns to me at the dinner table and says, "Mommy Im done" then she went over the couch. Not more than 5 minutes later she was fast asleep. She didnt wake up til this morning! What a sweetheart.

Our garden

Here are some "working on" and "almost done" pics of our garden. This took Kurt almost a month, no thanks to terrible weather. He put in a new sprinkling system just for the garden and then built the plantar boxes. It was tough moving the garden to over by the shed, then sodding, but it really has turned out fantastic. All thats left is some pea pebbles and we are done!

Just having fun!

This is a candid video I was taking or Carter and Lizzy playing. Lizzy was being a dinosaur.

This is the girls playing on the trampoline. We sure are gonna miss you Halle girl!

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's

This was so much fun!! I love watching the kids faces! Carter was so sweet, he would leave all the pink and purple eggs for Lizzy and then when his basket got full he would help her. So fun!

Easter Sunday

Here are the kids Easter morning with their baskets of goodies and then the traditional "Easter clothes picture"

Dying Easter Eggs at Grandma's

Its pretty traditional for us all to get together at my Mom's with my sisters and brothers and dye eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.

Air Force Museum

We were really bored one weekend so we packed up the kids and went to the Air Force Museum. It was really cool actually. I am fascinated with WWII and jets as well as Kurt and Carter so it really was fun to see all that history and engineering up close.

Presidents Day (I know Im way behind!)

Here is the program Carter's grade did for Presidents Day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


So it has been a while since I have posted anything. Some milestones have taken place in my life. For one, I have reached 20 weeks in my pregnancy, something I am so blessed to finally approach as most of you who know me, I was nervous to get to. I lost my last child at 13 weeks, so finally getting to a positive mark is a blessing! I am excited to find out the sex of the child. I have so many plans that cant go forward until it is done. Lizzy of course wants a girl and Carter, well, he just wants a baby. He is going to be such a good brother!! And Lizzy will make a perfect helper.

The other milestone I have hit is I turned 30 on May 4th. Its INSANE to think that I am really that old. I remember clearly high school memories that feel like they were yesterday. I don't feel old and I am embracing my 30s without really feeling the weight of them that most people trump up. Im excited to start this chapter of my life.

I am trying to stay positive and not let the things around me drag me down. Life is good and I have to remember that no matter what, my family is safe in our home and we are getting by. Right now there are a lot of people who cant say that. I am blessed.