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Monday, September 22, 2008


So, Kurt suprised me with a trip to Hawaii that I found out about early. Nonetheless...IT WAS AWESOME. We went with our bested friends Scott and Brooke Johnson. I cannot describe how amazing it was. We were on the island of Kauai and it was gorgeous. Pictures do not do it justice. We stayed in a quiet villa that we rented in the North shore away from all the touristy stuff, which was awesome. We even had a mango and lime tree in the yard that we made slushies with almost every day.

We found hidden beaches, and went alot to our favorie one "secret beach", we snorkled, we took a boat ride around the famous Napali Coast, we swam with sea turtles, watched dolphins, kayaked an ancient river to an ancient village and hidden waterfall, we were going to go to a luau but it cancelled on us due to rain, we jumped off lava rock formations into pools, we did so much and there was so much more to see. We had an amazing time.

By the end of the week, I was ready to come home, but I miss it and will be so excited when we go again.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I remember...

Today is 9/11. I dont have to explain what that means to this country or that we all know what happened that day. I just wanted to share some of my memories.

I remember that day I was late for work. Kurt didnt have to be in to work til later that day so I slept in a little. As I was driving to work the radio was talking about this terrible crash that happened in New York. I was so overcome with sadness for this, what I thought was, a terrible accident. While listneing to this, they started to explain a second crash, and how this is not an accident. I was stunned. Numb. When I got to work, I immediately turned on the radio and looked up any and all info I could find online. I called Kurt and told him to turn on the TV and tell me what in the world was going on. Thats when he told me about people jumping out of windows and then the buildings collapsed. It was hard to even know how to react that day. Overwhelming saddness is all I can remember. Even talking about it now is making me tear up. It was the worst thing I had ever experienced in my life like this. I went home for lunch and watched the endless footage they were showing on the TV. I was numb, shocked, and so sad. Along with the stories of the heroric airplane crew that stopped something even worse happening and the one that crashed into the pentagon, I felt like it would never end!

To think that people would do something like this never really hit me until that day. You hear the news, you see the pictures, but it never really hit me what kind of world we live in. And then...I remember the unity. Out of all of this, all this awful awfulness came a feeling in this country that I have never felt this strong before. Pride, Patriotism, Unity. I was so proud to be an American in those few short months after this awful moment. I am still emotional. And I living all the way in Utah with no family or relation that was directly involved in this. I felt it. I feel it now.

There is always a reason for things, good or bad. I truly beleive that. And I know that through this a greater plan will come. I love my father in heaven and my savior and this only made me beleive and trust in him more.

Sorry for the ranting on. I just wanted to share my thoughts.

I will never forget. No one ever should. God Bless America.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One of those weeks...

Aside from me being endlessly sick and Carter having seperation anxiety at school, Kurt's car was hit by a 2x4 that came flying off a truck on the freeway. It damaged his axel and eventually blew the tire, his poor windsheld got a rock chip and this impact with the 2x4 cracked the window! Then this morning his battery in his motorcycle was dead because he left the lights on. He had to jump start it 4 times because he kept killing it.

I like to think that all these incidences are somehow teaching me something. And somehow, in someway protecting us. Who knows what could have happened to Kurt today if he got off to work on time? All I know is something didn't want him to go, not yet, and there were no mishaps on the way to work for him.

Its interesting the little things that are done to protect us that may seem like inconveniences at the time or frustrations.

Hang in there, my love. The week is almost over!

Lizzy started Joy School

Unlike our little man, Lizzy did amazing. She had so much fun on her first
day of school. Im so glad we decided to put her in something like this. She
rarely gets to play with kids her age so its fun for mommy too.