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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My belly...

As much as I HATE showing my preggy belly I had to show it off for nostalgic reasons. So here it is when I was 34 weeks along. Now Im almost 36 and the days are not going fast enough.

Day at the Dinosaur Park

I love when I can get the kids out of the house for some fun when Aunt Kristina asked us to join her with her kids I jumped at the chance. One more fun thing to squeeze in before school starts back up. Plus I have always wanted to see the Dinosaur Park.

It was a blast!! We had so much fun. Thanks Kristina! And to top it all off, she even took the kids the rest of the day and I had a much needed relax time at home by was very very nice!

Dad taking the kids to the park

I was feeling really tired and so Kurt took the kids to the park for some rocket launching and park play.

Carter and Lizzy being studious...

I had to go on a potty break and while the kids were bored waiting, kurt decided to make them look like they were "smarty pants". I love these pics!! Such personalities.

Island Park Part II...

So this time around we spent nearly 9 days up there. Oh it was so nice. Busy, but nice. We had lots of cousins to play with this time around. It was so nice to see Bryan, Siobhan, and their boys. It was also fun to compare our bellies.

Kurt didnt make it up for about 4 days, but he came up on his "hog" and he said that next time, he will rethink the distance he rides his motorcycle!

I didnt get to get out of the car much this trip due to the impending baby birth...but the kids had a great time with Dad and Aunt Katie exploring new geyser areas. And, we finally saw a bear closer than I have ever seen one in all the times and years I have been going since I was born!!! Pictures unfortunately are like showing "bigfoot" to someone. But it was there!

Here are some fun pics of the kids. Because, really, thats what vacations are all about! Im already excited for next year!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I love favors from friends!

So on Lizzy;s birthday I was swamped with work so Connie invited the kids to come along to Gateway and play in the fountain! It was wonderful for all of us!

Birthday Party With Family!

OK, ok, I know she is pretty darn spoiled that Lizzy of ours, but she is our only girl!
We had a family party for her at our home and invited Beckstroms and Wilsons alike. It was fun to see how many people came. She got A LOT of barbies and fairies!! Her favorite!

Grandma Wilson brought her the fairy cake and Kurt made the barbie princess cakes.

More party fun for our Lizzy

On her birthday we decided to have one more last Hoora! at the Su Casa in Bountiful as they will be turning into a Salt City Burger (where will we eat now when we go to Bountiful!!)

Anyway, Grandma redhead was there and Alec as well as Aunt Kristi and Aunt Katie.

Birthday fun at the Zoo

For Lizzy's birthday we went to the Zoo with the Crocketts. It was HOT, but it was fun! I love any excuse to get together and this was extra fun. It was also Claire's birthday so it all worked out.

We met up later with family we havent seen that live up in Montana, Ian, Cameron, Uncle Bryan and Aunt Siobhan. Aunt Kristi was also there to enjoy the heat and the animals!