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Friday, December 11, 2009

Playing catch-up

So the last post I posted was several weeks ago for Oliver's baby announcement. Since then I have found rarely any time for myself. So there is plenty to catchup on. First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
I love this season. it always reminds me of where I really should be and what I really should be thinking about, which in my case, I need reminding of a lot.

Aside from the obvious business of a new baby, I have had my share of surgery for a lifetime. In October I had emergency gallbladder removal. And I tell you, having a new born only 4 weeks old and having to go through that 3 days of not being there for the little guy was really hard. Not to mention how much pain I was in anyway. But we got it all figured out and I am doing much better. Then, I went in for colonoscopy since my mom had colon cancer at the age of 40. So we decided since my deductible was already met, we would get that dome as well.

During the month of October, we had a huge deal on Halloween, as usual. This year we built a cave and had Kurt hide inside. He and his brother scared the pants off many kids.

Then in November, Kurt and I celebrated our 10th year anniversary. We went to La Caille restraint and then to the Symphony. It was very romantic. and I have to say I love him more than I ever have.! I also had the opportunity to go see New Moon, one of my favorites, yes Im one of those Twilight Moms and love it. Had a blast at the 3am showing with family and friends.
and have seen it since about 7 times( I know Im retarded, BUT I LOVE IT)

Also in November, we had the Reflections contest. Carter won first place for his video.

Oliver was blessed on December 6th, 2009 by his daddy. It was a fun event! We had lots of family come and he was so fat, he barely fit into his blessing out fit. he is

Oliver is getting so big. I am still amazed that at 3 months he is 16.5 lbs. such a chubbers. We love him and knew our family was missing something until he came along.

Hopefully I wont take as long to update my blog!