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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ok, where did I leave off....

So my last post was last years Christmas update. wow...where to begin.
The year started pretty well. We had our new little guy and life was good.

Unfortunately in April, tragedy struck our family with the loss of Jason's, Kurt's brother's, wife, Jenn. It was the night of Easter. We got a phone call. It was hard to believe. It was completely shocking, difficult, scary, painful, just beyond belief. For me I can say, it has gotten better, but Im sure to Jason the sting is still sharp and hurts more than he will ever tell us. We will always love her. Miss her presence. I should have written in here so that I could express what I felt then. Its hard to remember. I honestly can say I am in a difficult place right now with all of it. But thats my battle. It made me realize how much I love my family. How much I would never do anything to be away from them. It has been something I never thought I would go through. But I did. And I keep going. As Lizzy so innocently told me "We will see her again someday mommy" and I know we will.

With a new zest for being alive and being with the ones I love. Making each moment count, we headed into the summer. Carter turned 8 and he was baptized. It was another step in my life. Another awakening of what really matters. It was really special to have his friends see it. I have noticed a change in him. A better love of the gospel. A better understanding. He is so bright. Love that boy. I am so proud of him. He continues to show his compassion and friendship to everyone.

On to the summer...this is where I finally have pictures to show. It was a hot one too. May and June flew by and then we hit July...ugh! So we escaped to the usual. Our most favorite place in the whole world. We did the usual, relaxed, floated the river, went to Yellowstone. There is nothing like it in the world to be up there.

The next event of note was GEEX 2010. Kurt and some buddies at work love to game. So they brought back GEEX 2010 through their work and headed the entire project along with a GEEX podcast. It was a success. I wont bore you with the details, but it was pretty much like COMICON but with video games and on a much much smaller scale. THis year will be even bigger.

Lizzy then celebrated her 5th Birthday. She had a Mario Party and shared the party with her "boyfriend" Bradley who lives next door and who's birthday is only 2 days after hers.

The rest of the summer was busy and fun. we went camping twice. Once with family and once with friends. I will NEVER go camping again with a 8 month old! But lessen learned. Here are some pics of random fun throughout the summer with friends.

We headed into the next school year with high hopes. Carter was so excited for 3rd grade THIRD GRADE!!! and Lizzy started PRESCHOOL! They are getting so big!

They LOVE school and so do I. It has made Carter such a good kid and Lizzy is quite the socialite.

In September, Oliver celebrated his 1st Birthday! He is our little ginger! The only one of his kind, he is silly, fun, crazy, we just love him. How could you not!

Then fall came and the time we had all been waiting for was about to happen. We were going to Disneyland!


Brian&Em said...

Yay for the update! I'll need to show Lucas that Mario picture. He is obsessed right now. Did you make that cake?! Amazing! I'm so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. Can't wait for the next update.

Barnes Squad said...

Great photos. I want to go to GEEX with you next year. I think the boys would like it.

Nate and Alyssa said...

Hurray!! I can't say it enough! I miss seeing your cute family and reading the updates! Can't wait for the Disneyland update!! :) It was the BEST!!

bevany said...

I love that you're updating. Keep them coming!

LW said...

What cute pictures! Don't let blogging die (I'm one to talk!) keep-em-comin'!