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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Okay, lets continue....

So where did I leave off, oh yes fall 2010...

So school started with hardly any time to prepare. Oliver had his 1st birthday.

After that we prepared for out trip to Disneyland. It was probably the funnest and most stressful vacation I have ever been on. Fun though, really really fun. We drove, so that was an adventure in itself. We stopped over in Vegas and stayed with my Aunt and Uncle there which was so nice! We took the kiddoes to downtown Vegas just so they could see it. It was actually pretty cool. There was a special fall display at the Bellagio that smelled AMAZING! There were giant pumpkins, and herbs, and all sorts of sites that embodied fall and harvest.

Then we headed to Anaheim the next day. We got to the house we were staying at...GORGEOUS! It was built in the early 1900s by a famous movie star critic and gossip columnist who was quite the socialite. This house was 7000 sq ft. Had it all. It was so unique and huge. it has so many rooms. I totally reminded me of a "Clue" mansion. it was amazing! The weather was rainy and foggy so we couldn't enjoy the outdoor pool and hot tub. There were coyotes at night that would surround our yard and hillside and howl at our family dog. There was even a room used as an old speak easy room with hidden passage to escape from the cops. My brother took a gazillion photos, I will try to get those so I can post them.

The next morning we headed to the "big show" and it did not disappoint. It was wonderful, magic, fun, exhausting, and probably the best time I have ever had.

We spent four days there and even one of them we got to pal around with my Best Friend, Alyssa, and her family who were down from Alaska at that same time going on a family trip with their kids to Disneyland. It was perfect.

We also spent one day in San Diego. We wanted to show our kids the beach, but sadly it was pouring rain! but we went anyway. We also went to Old Town, ate at a great Mexican restaurant and then went to the Mormon Battalion museum. It was really neat. I mean Really Neat! The kids loved it too.

After all that fun, we were ready to come home. It was sad to leave. I think about that vacation a lot and cannot wait to go back....but home was calling.

After we got home...Halloween was on its way. It was fun! We did our annual spook alley this time with the help of some of my sisters friends They were fantastic! We got some good scares that year! WE also made a Bowser costume to go along with the theme of Mario. Carter was Bowser, Lizzy was Princess Peach and their two bestest buds were Mario and Luigi. Even Oliver got in on the fun and was Yoshi. It was a lot of fun!

Then the holidays came on us too fast. Thanksgiving and Christmas before we knew it!

With another year over it was time to look to a better year to come....little did we know....


Brianna said...

I am loving your updates... keep up the good work!

Brian&Em said...

Wow, I am impressed. This is exactly what I need to do, but it just seems so daunting! I've heard Disneyland in the fall is a blast. We just went in March and seeing this already makes me want to go back!

Rachelle Crowder said...

Looks like you guys have been busy busy with so much fun! Love all the awesome pics. Your kids are Soooo stink'n cute! Next time your in Anaheim let me know and I'll meet ya for lunch. I live 25 min from there. :) Or you can stay in MY mansion. LOL Oh wait I don't have one, but you can stay with me anytime if you wanna trip down cheap style! HUGS!